Our Rolex DiW GMT-MASTER II is lightest in the World, weight only 57.3 g, because we handcrafted it in NTPT Carbon.

The high-end NTPT carbon fiber is incredibly resistant and reduce the effects of aging.

This watch is indeed a watch that can be passed through generations.


全世界最輕的GMT-MASTER II,重量不超過60g

Oracle Time Magazine: https://soo.nr/F3S4

Custom Timepieces by CRM Jewelers: https://youtu.be/8T4cRNfnK4U

An Introduction to the Carbon Rolex Daytona: https://youtu.be/WwZwHkAoGtY

"MENELECT"的中文社論: https://soo.nr/Si85

Available Models: https://worldtimer.com.hk/diw-en-gb/?limit=100

Rolex New Warranty Card
Rolex New Warranty Card...
An Introduction to the Rolex DiW Carbon Daytona
An Introduction to the Rolex DiW Carbon Daytona...
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