The New World of Luxury Watches

Welcome to WORLDTIMER Watch Shop!


Our company vision has always been selling rare high-end luxury watches only other sellers do not have, with lowest price guaranteed.


Our vision bought us spontaneously into 2 paths:

  1. Develop and continue to expand our network with luxury watch brand strongest watch dealers and official boutiques in the World. This will brought us first hand information of available rare watches and be able to get real lowest price in the World.
  2. Explore potential watch brands in custom high-end luxury watch, opened up and co-develop the market with them. This will brought us unique custom watches others did not have, authority on these brands and best cost prices too.


After a few years walking through these 2 paths, WORLDTIMER Today is being recognized selling rare watches in better prices, and we serve customers not only in Hong Kong but internationally too.


The best 2 goals we have achieved so far are:


  1. We have become one of the powerful Jacob & Co. dealers in the World. We are able to get any watch model and offer Worldwide guaranteed lowest price to our customers. Our customers are proud of being our customers because they can buy their Jacob & Co watches in real best prices. Our general discount of brand new Jacob & Co watch starts from 50% OFF!!
  2. Top official agent on 4 countries (Hong Kong, China, Macau, USA) and the Top Seller of high-end custom watch brand DiW (Designa Individual Watches). DiW makes World Lightest Rolex and Patek Philippe Watches. We have managed to offer “Door-to-Door In-Person International Warranty and Repair Services”.  That is to say, if a customer needs to repair his DiW watch in USA, we will arrange someone to pick up the watch from him.  After the watch is fixed we will deliver to him as well.  Therefore, this customer never needs to walk out of his door from buying to have anything done on his DiW watch for 7 years


Today, other brands we specialize are Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Jaquet Droz and Rolex.


WORLDTIMER has and firmly upholds the ‘’No Fakes Guarantee’’ status issued to us by the Hong Kong Government. We hereby guarantee the authenticity of our watches. If any issue is found with authenticity within the FIRST 4 WEEKS of purchase, we will FULLY REFUND to the CUSTOMER.


Today, People start searching us online, subscribe or follow us in our social media accounts. Our website has at least 1000 visitors per day.  Enquiries now are overwhelming our inbox and orders are coming everywhere globally.


Our continued existence as a trustworthy watch dealer is founded on our driving philosophy and core values— quality; accuracy; and excellence. We, therefore, reiterate our continuous commitment always to uphold quality and trust for our numerous happy customers.   


Welcome to WORLDTIMER family!